The beginning of YGT

YGT is the online marketing elite group of Four Evergrow Marketing. YGT started its journey since 2017 with their first home brand product – Kallisto (detox juice).



To be the market leader of healthy beauty line, to make everyone beautiful in the healthy way is our priority.


Providing a platform to allow every members in the team to achieve their goals and dreams. We invest in our people.


Giving back to the society, helping the disadvantages communities


People – our biggest asset. Regardless the rapid growth of technology, the great potential of an industry, it’s all started with a group of People who make it happened.

Realising the positive organisational cultural beliefs, Investing in attitudes, reputations, sincerity, action and partners  who knows how to appreciate.

YGT stands for: Y – YOU come first in the organisation, G – Corporate wants to GROW with you, T – Corporate wanted to achieve success together as a TEAM

To ensure success, we must first help our team to achieve success and make sure our customers are happy with us. We believed in we reap what we sow.

Open to listen, maximising the communication to achieve corporate success.  (Talent Pool, Talent Retention & Talent Management)