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Joseristine Whitening Anti-pollution Mask is a multifunction facial mask that helps whitening, hydrating, minimising pores, detoxification and anti-oxidation. The dry paper mask sheet is made of Chitosan. The essence contains Brown Rice Vinegar gives an excellent whitening and antioxidative effect. Hyaluronic Acid reduces fine lines for an anti-aging effect. Especially meets the need of women who always under their make up. It gives INSTANT effect in just 15 minutes!

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High Fiber Juice

• Detoxification
• Promote healthy digestive function
• Relieve constipation
• Colon cleansing
• Stimulate intestinal peristalsis
• Slimming and maintaining healthy weight

• Promote satiety
• Speed up body metabolism
• Reduce fat synthesis and accumulation
• Enhance body immunity
• Anti-Aging
• Lower blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels

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  • “Easy to use and I feel my face is not oily after using it.”

    Juwei Teoh
  • “My skin feels so soft and clean after using it.”

    Social Influencer, Miko Wong
  • “My skin feels so soft and clean after using it.”

    Elecher Lee
  • “排毒养颜也是一种享受”

  • “果汁的味道我很喜欢,我对于现在的体重很满意”

  • “味道真的好好喝,肠道健康的良伴”


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